Anonymous asked: What kind of sexual feeling do you retain after getting a phalloplasty? Like would sex generally feel the same as a cis male would feel during sex?

There’s no way a person can answer if they experience sex the same way a cis male does or not, since this would require personally knowing what sex feels like as a cis male and being able to compare. This is something we can only speculate. People have reported that they have sexual sensation from the base of their penis to the very tip of it, often with more intense sensation at the base of their penis which is where their original genitalia was ‘buried’. Studies have been done to see if the intensity of sensation is comparable to cis men but it can’t answer if the way it is experienced is similar to a cis male, if that makes sense. I’m having trouble communicating what I mean. These studies report,

"[In phalloplasties,] the average pressure and vibratory thresholds values for the phallus tip were, respectively, 11.1 g/mm and 3 microm. These values have been compared with the ones of the forearm (donor site)… These values have been compared with the ones of the normal male glans, taken from the literature. We also asked the examined patients if they experienced orgasm after surgery, during any sexual practice (ie, we considered only patients who attempted to have orgasm): all female-to-male … patients reported orgasm.”


"Almost all participants were able to achieve orgasm during masturbation and sexual intercourse, and the majority reported a change in orgasmic feelings toward a more powerful and shorter orgasm."

Which is to say that the pressure and vibratory thresholds in a phalloplasty have measured in as being similar to the thresholds of cis male penises and orgasms change to much shorter and more intense orgasms, akin to what cis men experience. So we can say that on some level sexual sensation after phalloplasty is similar to what cis men experience but there is no way to say if it is exactly the same.

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